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Vince Weber

Vince Weber has developped a very personal tone at the piano at a very young age. His vocals are unparalleled. He has thorougly studied his role models, such as the Boogie Woogie Trio Ammons-Lewis-Johnson, Taj Mahal or Randy Newman, which resulted in "I’m The Boogie Man". This tune has taken him to the charts and it paved the way for this type of music in the media. His great popularity allowed him to fill big halls, and he hosted his own radio show for years. He has performed at countless festivals. Many young pianists and singers follow his path. His powerful piano playing, the percussive stomping of his feet, his "black" Blues voice fascinated the audience. Unfortunately, since several years, due to health issues Vince Weber is not playing piano publically any more. But as initiator and co-host of The Hamburg Boogie Woogie Connection, he sings some numbers every year at the Fabrik with unspoilt charisma, usually accompanied by his friend Axel Zwingenberger. The audience honors his performances as well as his merits in making Blues and Boogie Woogie popular with standing ovations at each festival.

His performance at the 30-years anniversary of the „Connection“ was his last one – final chord of a great musician’s life. „I am on cloud no. 8 and play harp.“

Vince died on February 23, 2020.

The festival will be continued following his idea.

Vince Weber